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Composition du club

President: Dip. Ing. Claus LESKE

Vice President: Jürgen KANTHER

Office & Administration: Alexandra VAN POPPEL

Office & Coordinatrice: Kesia ZAADNOORDIJK



CaptainMarcel SWEERS

Junior Coordinator: Heribert KRÄMER

Head Greenkeeper: Hodza NASER



A word from our president

Dear Golfers, members and friends,

The Luxembourgish Golf Association has affiliated the Golf Club Christnach as its fifth member in 1993. A very special thanks goes to the families and landowners who have been so kind to sell their land, in order to permit the Golf Course to be built. I also want to mention all the Administrations, which provided the necessary construction permits.

The Golf-Club Christnach ist located on a plateau in a water protection area, next to the german-luxembourgish Nature Park. This guarantees pure nature. 

The first nine holes are a mature parkland course; and the second nice holes are technically very demanding with plenty of water hazards. We can proudly announce that we have some of the best training facilities in the region: We offer space for a drive over 275 meters. To practice the short game, we provide a 9 Hole Compact Course. It is possible to light the entire training facilities.

We wish all of you successful rounds an joyful hours in the Golf and Country Club Christnach.

Claus LESKE, Dipl.Ing.



 We are happy to share your passion !