Ihr Weg zur PlatzreifeIhr Weg zur PlatzreifeThe way to get your licence to play

The way to get your licence to play

You need a golf licence to play on an 18-hole golf course or to participate in golf competitions. The test for this licence, also called Green Card, consists of a practical test and an examination about rules and labels. Our Pros instruct you and lead you to your licence to play golf. We provide you with all necessary material regarding all rules and labels and our Pros prepare you perfectly for your examination. The practical test takes place on the 18-hole course in Christnach.



By passing your examination, you get a certificate and a HCP of 54. After the latest amendments, you can only positively improve your HCP till it is down to 18,5.



We offer individual courses for one or two persons or for groups up to 6 persons. You find all prices and information in the administration of our golf club: Telephone number: 00352 87 83 83, Fax: 00352 87 95 64 and our e-mail: gcc(at)gms.lu



A gift voucher for Green Card, for a trial day, golfing for children or for the restaurant is a very nice surprise for your family or friends.