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The president of the GCC Christnach has made Marie Facciolini the new Head Pro of the club. In this function, she will be in charge of the training of all the teams of the GCC Christnach. Congratulations to her.

Marie will be assisted as a second Pro by Manfred Kusber.

Both Pros are already taking reservations for courses with them.


During the wintertime, Marcel Sweers, the club captain, has resigned and has quitted the club.

For the moment, the search for a new captain or a team of captains is on the way.

The Head Pro is very interested in hearing from members who want to take part in the new journey of the GCC Christnach.


Unfortunately, the club had to replace its long-time staffers in the secretariat*.

After many years, the Club has made changes in its administrative structure.

The secretariat is now staffed with a secretary and a new manager.

Marie Facciolini will occupy this position besides her position as Head Pro.


This year there will be a tournament sponsored by “Eurogolf”. The event will take place on July 3rd. This competition is part of a new deal arranged by Marie.

Eurogolf will be present on the 19th of June for a demo day.

Marie has also arranged that a Fitter from “Eurogolf” would come to the club on demand.

Information will follow.

The organisation of all the tournaments for this season is on its way.


La “casa moderna” is interested in sponsoring new Polo Shirts for our teams. The negotiations are still going on.

Partnership with other Golf clubs

Unfortunately, the partnership with Amnéville and Longwy has been cancelled by them without prior discussions. The GCC Christnach is astonished about this decision, and new negotiations with other clubs are in consideration.


* Names removed on request


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    Thank you for the new site. It is easy to navigate through to find information.

    1. marc

      Thank you very much. We strive to give our members a good experience.
      If you have any suggestion, please don’t hesitate to tell us.

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