Message from the Golfclub Christnach​

Dear members,

We have important information for you.

Our old ASBL was now 30 years old.
The members of this ASBL have either left Luxembourg or no longer participated actively.

To name a new ASBL for the Christnach Golf Club, it is necessary to delete it from the register of associations.

After the deletion, we entered the new ASBL in the register.

The Luxembourg Golf Federation accepted the new entry on August 10th.

Our Golf & Country Club Christnach club cards are, of course, valid for the entire year 2021.

The new entry is

Am Lahr 46,

L-7641 Christnach

TEL 87 83 83

FAX 87 95 64

E-mail: or


The accepted members at the ASBL are:
Claus-Uwe Leske – President
Jürgen Kanther – Vice President

The Golf Federation will confirm a third member.

We will nominate new members for participation in the golf club with possible tasks and put them up for election.

Club life has suffered considerably during Corona. The requirements for a restaurant were strict. In our clubhouse, it was hardly possible to adhere to the safety regulations, for example, keeping the distance between the individual people. 65% of the furniture could not be used.

We are very interested that club life can take place again.
There will soon be new rules and requirements for this by the Luxembourg government.

First of all, we will plan a series of tournaments every 2 weeks for Wednesday or Saturday.

The club championships will take place on Oct 02 + 03, 2021, with an additional program.

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