Hole 11

the island

Par 4/HCP 10


This Hole has more traps than it seems at first sight.

Hole 11 shares the Fairway with Hole 13. The slope of the Fairway is mainly to the right.

Many portions on your way to the Green are “out of bounds” toward the right.

On the left, plus in front and the right of the Green, there are Hazards.

The forest in the back of the Green is “out of bounds”.

(Possibility to use the Drop Zone in such a case)

Therefore a well planned Tee-Off shot in the direction of the white signpost on the shared Fairway is the best option.

Afterwards, a well-calculated shot into the Green helps to get a great score.

On the Tee-Off, you don’t have priority on the players on Hole 13.