Hole 11

The Peninsula

Par 4/HCP 10


This Hole has more traps than it seems at first sight.

Hole 11 shares the Fairway with Hole 13. The slope of the Fairway is mainly to the right.

Many portions on your way to the Green are “out of bounds” on the right.

On the left, plus in front and the right of the Green, there are Penalty Areas.

The forest in the back of the Green is “out of bounds”.

(Possibility to use the Drop Zone in such a case)

Therefore a well planned Tee-Off shot in the direction of the white signpost on the shared Fairway is the best option.

Afterwards, a well-calculated shot into the Green helps to get a great score.

On the Tee-Off, you don’t have priority on the players on Hole 13.


Out of Bounds: Rule A-1

Out of bounds is defined by the line between the course-side points at ground level of white stakes and fence posts.

Boundary objects (white stakes) are treated as immovable even if they are movable or any part of them is movable (see Rule 8.1a)


Local Rule E-5

Alternative for Out of Bounds

When a player’s ball has not been found or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds, the player may proceed as follows rather than proceeding under stroke and distance. For two penalty strokes, the player may take relief by dropping the original ball or another ball in the dropping zone on the right of the Green. The dropping zone is a relief area under Rule 14.3. But the player may not use this option to take relief for the original ball when: Penalty for Playing Ball from a Wrong Place in Breach of Local Rule: General Penalty Under Rule 14.7a. This Local Rule is not appropriate for national competitions or other competitions for skilled players.