Hole 9

Heaven or Hell

Par 4/HCP 1 (White & Blue)

Par 5/HCP 1 (Yellow & Red & Orange)


This is the most challenging and complex Hole on the Course.

White and Blue (orange) try to Tee-Off over the Penalty Area and try to get their second shot on the elevated Green.

All others should place their ball in front of the Penalty Area and attack the Green with their third shot.

The Green is elevated and domed, therefore tough to handle.

375 (Par4)
380 (Par 4)
423 (Par 5)
391 (Par 5)
322 (Par 5)

Out of Bounds: Rule A-1

Out of bounds is defined by the line between the course-side points at ground level of white stakes and fence posts.

Boundary objects (white stakes) are treated as immovable even if they are movable or any part of them is movable (see Rule 8.1a)



Yellow Penalty Area

Yellow penalty area (marked with yellow lines or yellow stakes) give the player two relief options (Rules 17.1d(1) and (2)).



White Stakes with Green Caps: Rule E-8

The area within the flower bed penalty area defined by white stakes with green caps is a no play zone. When a ball is in the no play zone within the penalty area, the ball must not be played as it lies and relief must be taken from interference by the no play zone under Rule 17.1e.”

Penalty for Playing Ball from a Wrong Place in Breach of Local Rule:

General Penalty Under Rule 14.7a


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