Hole 6

Hole in One

Par 3/HCP 15


The Hole for a “Hole in One”.

Both times our Course saw this event, it was on this Hole.

The left side is out of bounds. But the hedges on the right side and also the Fairway of Hole 5 are playable.

The main difficulty is the Bunker in front of the Green. The rescue from this Bunker is a challenge, as it is a lot below the Green.


Out of Bounds: Rule A-1

Out of bounds is defined by the line between the course-side points at ground level of white stakes and fence posts.

Boundary objects (white stakes) are treated as immovable even if they are movable or any part of them is movable (see Rule 8.1a)



Local Rule A-4

During play of Hole 6, the Fairway of Hole 5 on the right of the hole, defined by white stakes with black caps], is not Out of bounds. These stakes are treated as boundary objects during the play of Hole 5. For all other holes, they are immovable obstructions.