Our history

Approval of the project
Mayor Lies approves in the name of the Waldbillig municipality the project of a golf course in Christnach.
Claus Leske, Dipl. Ing. began the preparations for the approval process on municipality and national levels. The main goal for this project was to establish high quality tourism.
Acquisition of the land
Extensive planning tasks, many individual steps in the approval process, and the acquisition of the necessary land were a long way. Many thanks to the owners of the land who helped make the golf course possible.
First Clubhouse
The first small wooden clubhouse is being built. It is located in the Parking 1 area. Today it is called "Kid's Corner".
Practice Area
One of the best and largest training facilities in the entire region is created. The 250m long Driving Range is followed by the construction of a spacious putting green, two chipping greens, and bunkers. All these are ideal prerequisites for all golf training.
Affiliation to the FLG
This year the Golf Club Christnach, like Golf Belenhaff, was included in the Luxembourg Golf Association (FLG). Finally, the gaming operations could start on the first 9 holes of the Parkland Course. The first club tournaments were organized.
New Clubhouse
The clubhouse is being built as a concrete structure, with showers, changing rooms, and administration. The wooden house becomes the kid's house.
Sealand Course
The expansion of holes 10 to 18 of the Sealand Course begins. A golf course is not a static object, it has to be continuously developed and adapted to the rules and improved golf material.
4 new holes
Four holes have been released for playing, holes 10-13.
Sealand Course awaits the players
All fairways from 10 to 18 of the Sealand Course have now been opened.
First national championship
The course in Christnach now has the qualification for championships. The Luxembourg Youth Championships were held in Christnach for the first time in July 2005.
First improvements to the course
Some Tee-Offs are redesigned and enlarged. Some fairways are relocated.
New course design
The course design is revised and some greens and bunkers are reconstructed. All this is done in cooperation with the Mokinski office, one of the largest golf course construction companies.
Lightning Shelter
A lightning protection house with a small terrace is built for drinks breaks at club tournaments near Green 10 and 12.
EPD Tour in Christnach
For the first time, a major professional tournament is played in Christnach. On August 22nd - 24th, 2011 the EPD Tour came to Luxembourg. On the first day, a Pro/Am tournament with the EPD Tour players paired with our members. This was followed by three pro rounds of the EPD Tour. On the second day, the course record was set by Dennis Küpper with 62, i.e. 8 under par. In the end, Dennis Küpper was also the overall winner of this tournament.
New concept for the Course
A new concept for the coursewas developed from the experiences of the EPD Tour and the suggestions of 120 Pro tournament participants and the amateur players from ProAm.
Implementation of the new concept
Implementation of this new concept. Extension of the facility, extension of the fairways, improved playing position, and redesign of some greens.
Remodelling of some Holes
The white Tee-Off of Hole 1 is moved backward. The Green of Hole 1 is redesigned and the defense is improved with bunkers. The white and yellow Tee-Offs of Hole 2 have been repaired after a strong landslide. In addition, the Green No. 2 was redesigned. All Holes have now 5 Tee-Offs; white, yellow, blue, red, and orange.
Remodelling continues
Due to wild boar damage, the Green no. 3 had to be extensively repaired. It is now a wide Green with 2 plateaus and a slope in the middle. Green 4 was also redone because it was damaged a few years ago. The extensive bunkers on fairway 4 conceal an ancient roman villa. The excavations were carried out by the archaeologist Engerling, who used some of the finds to build a small chapel near green 4. Hole 11 and 13 have been given a new fairway layout. During the new construction, we found an archeological site and asked the employees of the Luxembourg Museum to carry out the excavations. They found a Celtic grave. The former burial mound was dismantled and is located between Green 14 and Tee 15.
The Golfclub has its own zone in the PAG
The municipality of Waldbillig has developed a new PAG that guides all constructions in its vicinity. The GCC Christnach is now officially registered as a Golf Zone. The Club has also acquired the land between the Putting Green and the Compact Course.
New Rating of the course
The course is newly rated by the DGV and gets a partial new design and an adaptation of the local rules.